Coordination of Information on the Environment

Project Description
The aim of the European Union's Coordination of Information on
the Environment (CORINE) project is to provide up to date
information on land cover at scale 1:100.000 for the whole
Europe. The database includes 44 categories in accordance with a
standard European nomenclature, organised into five large groups:
artificial surfaces, agricultural areas, forest and semi-natural
areas, wetlands, water bodies. Classification was done by visual
interpretation using Landsat Thematic Mapper satellite image maps
with the help of topographic maps as main ancillary material and
field work. Following digitization the land cover information is
stored in topological structure as ARC/INFO database.

The project started in 1993 in Hungary together with the
neighbouring Central and East European countries and finished for
Hungary in 1996. The final product has been integrated into the
European database and is available for users. Printed maps
covering the whole country were produced at scales 1:500.000 and

An experimental project to derive similar land cover at scale
1:50.000 was also carried out for selected areas. An experimental
CORINE Land Cover?Level 4 nomenclature was formulated for Central
Europe by experts of the participating countries (Czech Republic,
Hungary, Poland and Slovakian) including 87 categories. Mapping
was based on digitally merged Landsat TM and SPOT PAN satellite
imagery. Two larger blocks have been mapped (Bükk-Nyírség and
Kiskunság) covering about 15% of the country.

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[Summary provided by Budapest Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and
Remote Sensing]