Atmospheric Chemistry Studies in the Oceanic Environment

Project Description
The Eastern Atlantic Experiment was a part of the Marine Aerosol and
Gas Exchange (MAGE) component of the Atmospheric Chemistry Studies in
the Oceanic Environment (ACSOE) project.

The aims of the experiment were:

To quantify input of DMS into a parcel of air

To examine the oxidation of DMS and its reaction with nitrogen species
with time

To investigate the formation of new particles as a result of these

To discriminate between the natural and anthropogenic fractions ofA
research vessel operating off the west coast of Ireland (RRS

Research aircraft overflights to link shipborne and land-based measurements.

The primary measurements made during the campaigns were concentrations
of DMS in the atmosphere and the water column, but a wide range of
additional measurements were made including:

Atmospheric ozone and nitrogen species
Atmospheric particulates and their chemistry
Atmospheric nitrogen and sulphur isotopic composition
Oceanic temperature, salinity, attenuance and chlorophyll

The fieldwork was supported by modelling work with a zero-dimensional
time-dependent photochemical box model of an air mass in the marine
boundary layer.