NOAA Coastal Observation Technology System (COTS)

Project Description
"Building regional capacity for the collection and application of coastal and
ocean information".

The Coastal Observation Technology System (COTS) project grants were initiated
in 2002 to further the development of integrated coastal ocean observing
systems on a regional basis. The COTS projects are an alliance of
congressionally directed and competitively funded projects focusing on regional
coastal observation, research, technology and prediction, with an emphasis on
data management and integration. In FY05 13 projects were funded by
Congressional direction to contribute to the formation of IOOS. These projects
cover a wide range of ocean and coastal observations research activities,
including ecological forecasting, modeling, and storm surge prediction.

COTS funds also support competitively selected pilot observing system
technology projects (3) and regional coordination projects (11) to establish
the framework for Regional Associations (RAs). The RAs will serve as a forum to
improve the regional coastal ocean observing systems (RCOOS), by enabling
stakeholders to influence IOOS development by identifying and establishing
regional observation priorities.

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