Atlantic - THORpex Observing System Test (ATOST)

Project Description
The Atlantic-THORPEX Observing System Test (Atlantic - TOST) is planned as a field campaign to make a significant contribution towards this common goal. The primary aim of the Atlantic TOST is to test the real-time quasi operational targeting of observations using a number of platforms (including AMDAR, ASAP ships, extra radiosonde ascents, research aircraft and meteorological satellites). To do this, it is necessary to identify suitable cases for targeting, provide information on the location of sensitive areas, and have the facilities to control each observing system at short notice. The Atlantic TOST will be the first time that the real-time adaptive control of such a complex set of observing platforms has been attempted. It is considered to be an essential preparation or proof of concept for future targeting field campaigns. Additional scientific objectives of the Atlantic TOST will contribute to the understanding of the location and predictability of sensitive areas and the impact of targeted observations on forecast performance (and the benefit of potential new observing platforms).

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