Coastal Ocean Dynamics Experiment

Project Description
The Hyperspectral Coastal Ocean Dynamics Experiment (HyCODE) is an Office of Naval Research (ONR) sponsored five-year interdisciplinary program. HyCODE field experiments are located 1) off the coast of New Jersey at the Long-term Ecological Observatory site in 15 m water depth (LEO-15), 2) on the west Florida Shelf as part of the ONR Ecology of Harmful Algal Blooms ( EcoHAB) program, and 3) in the Bahamas near Lee Stocking Island as part of the ONR Coastal Benthic Optical Processes (CoBOP) program. This website focuses on the New Jersey shelf, which is located in the New York Bight (NYB) and the Middle Atlantic Bight (MAB). The main objective of the HyCODE program is to develop an understanding of the diverse processes that control inherent and apparent optical properties (IOPs and AOPs, respectively) in the coastal ocean by use of hyperspectral imagery. Basic research is centered on the investigation of the impact of relatively small-scale physical, biological, and chemical processes on near-surface spectral IOPs and AOPs. Some of the processes under investigation for the HyCODE project include advection of optically important material, phytoplankton growth and loss, bubble injection, sediment resuspension, fronts, and internal waves. Applied research focuses on the development and validation of hyperspectral ocean color algorithms.

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