Central California/San Francisco Bay Earthquake Hazards Project

Project Description
The Central California Council Diving Clubs, Inc. (Cen Cal) is dedicated to the principles of wise and equitable legislation, safety, conservation, access, sportsmanship, underwater sports and to furthering the knowledge of the marine phenomena.

Cen Cal has directorships and committees involved in all facets of diving and other underwater activities. Its efforts are directed toward promoting the interests of the various aspects of the underwater world.

We are a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization, incorporated in the State of California. As a corporation, we have a constitution, bylaws and a Board of Directors elected by the membership. Each member club is entitled to a representative and also has a district representative.

The Council meets monthly on the last Wednesday excepting December. See Directions for location. All divers are welcome!

This information is provided http://www.cencal.org/