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Short Title: ABC 72* North
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Arctic Base Camp (ABC)
Location: 72*42 North 77*57 West

Established in 1989, award-winning Arctic adventure company, Polar Sea Adventures (PSA) is based in Pond Inlet on the northern tip of Baffin Island in Canada's high Arctic. PSA offers a wide range of safe, high quality scheduled and custom-made adventure trips, expeditions and services. Each one professionally designed, in close consultation with clients, carefully promoting environmental awareness, exploration and respect for nature. One of the most northerly tour operators in the world - Polar Sea's trips, expeditions and projects are planned and delivered with the intention of being environmentally, socially and economically responsible. Polar Sea is sensitive to the effects of travel on the areas we visit. We live, and are based in the Arctic, therefore have a vital and vested interest in ensuring the areas we journey to and explore are respected and protected. Group sizes are kept small to avoid impacting the things that attract people to visit in the first place. We are actively dedicated to the protection of the Arctic and strive to play a role in encouraging and promoting the responsible and ethical development of this incredible, unique and important part of our planet.

The Arctic Base Camp (ABC) project involves PSA and a number of other related companies, individuals and organizations. The ABC will be the creation of a science based research facility that in addition will cater for a number of equally important activities and projects. In collaboration with outdoor equipment manufacturer Mountain Hard Wear, the ABC will consist of three Space Stations (kitchen, dining room and recreation room) twelve Satellite tents (for guests and staff accommodation) and two Stronghold (for workshops and laboratories) The Nunavut Territorial Government, Nunavut Tourism, the local hamlet council and local businesses have already expresses interest in the project

Uses for the ABC include:
Science/research laboratory, training facility for young scientists and researchers, Inuit Elders & Youth retreat, camp for schools, colleges and universities, training facility for young Inuit interested in a career in the sustainable tourism industry and as a defined destination for people from around the world interested in the Arctic environment.

The science and research part of the ABC would be set up similar to an Earthwatch program ( Paying clients would be invited to join scientists and researchers in the field to help and assist with the work being done. The ABC season will start in early April and run until late September. Being located on the sea ice during the spring months, the camp will represent and illustrate low-impact and sustainable use of the Arctic environment. In late June the "land" on which it is located will cease to exist, therefore no trace of the camp ever being there will exist. The ABC will be seasonal yet prove to have year round benefits to all those involved.

The ABC will be created to be an on-going research and training facility. We believe that the long term benefits of the camp will be significant. Good science will be conducted and a sustainable project for the Inuit of the North Baffin region (and beyond) will be started and built upon.