Monitoring and Information Stations Network

Project Description
Short Title: AICEMI
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AICEMI is proposed by the permanent participants of the Arctic Council (Aleut International Association, Arctic Athabaskan Council, Gwich in Council International, Inuit Circumpolar Conference, Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North, and Saami Council) as an umbrella project for community-based (CB) programs and/or CB components of other IPY projects.
Preliminary goals:
-Ensuring synergies between CB projects and enhancing their significance and potential sustainability during the IPY and beyond
-Facilitating IPY projects with community-based component to ensure involvement of appropriate organizations/projects/individuals
-Protecting intellectual and economic interests of indigenous and other local residents through providing assistance in the development of the control mechanisms and legal instruments regulating the use of information based on traditional and indigenous knowledge

The goals could be achieved through:
-Facilitation and coordination of communication among IPY CB projects and between the projects and higher level networks, science community and the public
-Development of data management policies and procedures for cluster projects in cooperation with IPY electronic data management services.

Possible CB sub-networks:
1. Bering Sea Sub-network (BSSN), EO 922
3. Environment Monitoring and Aboriginal Land Claims: Implementation Challenges, EO 510 Northern Community Science: the establishment of a regional network of environmental science centres, EO 128
4. Elders of the Northern Ice, EO 332

AICEMI will respond to the needs for CB component of large scale projects such as Integrated Arctic Ocean Observing System (ID No: 14) and Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring (ID No.:133).

This proposal will be reviewed and further developed at the permanent participants workshop in February 2006 in Denmark.