Project Description
The homepage has been designed to give you a pictoral tour of how and why ANSMET hunts for meteorites in the Antarctic. The images have been provided by field party members from the 20 field seasons ANSMET has had since 1976. ANSMET is a program supported by grants from the Office of Polar Programs of the U.S. National Science Foundation and by the Solar System Exploration Division of NASA. The Principal Investigator of the current grant is Dr. Ralph P. Harvey of the Department of Geological Sciences at Case Western Reserve University. Prof. William A. Cassidy of the University of Pittsburgh was the founder of ANSMET and Principal Investigator until 1991. John Schutt has been our field safety officer since 1980. Since 1976, ANSMET has been recovering meteorite specimens from the East Antarctic Icesheet- a total of over 10,000 as of today.

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