Diversity, Heterotrophy, Autotrophy & Relationship with Antarctic Microorganisms

Project Description
The research project “DHARMA. Diversity, Heterotrophy, Autotrophy and Relations among Antarctic Microorganisms" was funded by the CICYT (ANT-97-1155). Led by Carlos Pedrós-Alió (ICM, CSIC), the project involved researchers from six Spanish and one foreign institutions. The project was carried out in the waters of the Southern Ocean, in an oceanographic expedition on the BIO Hesperides research vessel where we sampled the Drake Passage waters, the Wedell Sea and the Gerlache Strait. The objectives of this project were:

- To analyze the diversity of microbial communities in surface and deep Antarctic waters, and

- To know the effects of temperature on the different activities of microbial plankton.
Our group was responsible for analyzing the degradation processes of polymeric organic matter carried out by the bacterioplankton.