The EUREKA Environmental Tropospheric Ozone Research Programme

Project Description
The EUROTRAC-TOR programme was set up to study and quantify the
underlying chemical and transport processes of importance for the
occurrence of photochemical oxidants in Europe. The project, which
lasted from 1988-1995, involved establishing advanced monitoring
sites, monitoring for a number of years and evaluation of the data,
including modelling. All data are freely available to other
scientists, provided that proper credit is given to the people
responsible for the data. Name and adress for the responsibles are
given in the data files.
The scientific aims of TOR were:
1.To elucidate the chemistry and transport of ozone and other
photo-oxidants in the troposphere
2.To determine and model trends in concentration of photo-oxidants;
3.To measure the excess ozone concentration Europe relative to the
average of northern mid-latitudes, and to study its seasonal,
latitudinal and vertical variation;
4.To try to measure any transfer of ozone between the boundary layer
and the free troposphere, and between the troposphere and the

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