Environmental Monitoring for Public Access and Community Tracking

Project Description
EMPACT is a new approach to working with communities to collect,
manage, and present environmental information. It aims to work with
communities to make timely, accurate, and understandable environmental
information available to millions of people in the largest
metropolitan areas across the country so that communities and
individuals can make informed, day- to- day decisions about their

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has started a number of
projects that work with communities which provide environmental
information to communities and individuals by means of the latest
measurement,information management, and communications technologies. These
initial EPA projects, for example,will:

Develop improved air quality tracking systems for the Cleveland, OH area.
Provide immediate clean-water information at Los Angeles, CA beaches.
Provide daily information to help children avoid harmful exposure to
ultraviolet radiation in Phoenix, AZ.
Keep track of water quality in Long Island Sound, NY.
Reduce the risk of lead exposure to children in their own backyards in
the Boston, MA area.
Provide information on contamination at hazardous-waste sites in
Northern New Jersey.
Keep better track of toxic air pollutants in the San Francisco, CA area.

EPA will coordinate EMPACT activities among Federal, States, tribal,
and local governments. Additionally, groups such as community health
officials, businesses, industries, schools, and environmental
organizations will be involved.

To help make EMPACT work, EPA will work closely with two other Federal
agencies: the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The resources and expertise of
these two agencies will help EPA achieve nationwide consistency in
measuring environmental data, managing that data, and effectively
delivering it to the public. Data obtained from both NOAA and USGS
will also help EPA get a truer, more complete picture of our
environment, coast to coast.

For more information on the EMPACT Program

EMPACT Program
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