Forest Inventory and Planning System

Project Description
The Forest Inventory and Planning System (FIPS) deals with the
development of a Geographic Information System (GIS) that will assist
the Forest Service in three key areas:

1. Provision of forest inventory data

2. Forest planning

3. Administration of forestry grants and premiums

Data sets involved with this system include:

Dùchas Datasets (Special Areas of Conservation, National
Heritage Areas, Nature Reserves, Special Protection Areas and
Sites and Monuments); 25 Raster Maps (Ordnance Survey Ireland -
OSI); 1:40000 black and white orthophotography (OSI); Roads,
Rivers and Lakes, 1:50000 dataset (OSI); Administrative
boundaries ie. County, DED, Townland, (OSI); Sensitive Rivers;
Agriculture Parcels (Land Parcel Identification System Dataset
from the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development);
and Forest Soils and Productivity Coverage

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