Dry Valley's Drilling Project

Project Description
From the Antarctic Marine Geology Research Center [http://www.arf.fsu.edu/projects/dry_valley_drilling.php]

(1972-1974) A drilling project consisting of 14 holes drilled in the dry valleys of Antarctica, on Ross Island, McMurdo Sound, the Walcott Glacier, and with test holes near McMurdo Station. It was in effect the Cape Roberts drilling project of the 1970s. DVDP was predominately an international project between scientists from New Zealand, the US, and Japan and principally funded by the US National Science Foundation, Office of Polar Programs. The areas investigated have a series of independent analyses of Antarctic Geochronology, Paleoclimatology, and Paleomagnetism. For references to the results see the DVDP Bulletin Series prepared at the Dept. of Geology, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb Illinois.