KErguelen Surface Ablation, Accumulation and Climate Observation

Project Description
This is the exploratory step for Kerguelen component of the GLACIOCLIM ORE/SO. GLACIOCLIM is a french observatory to detect, monitor and understand climate and mass balance variability and change in the glacial environment at a global scale. In the area, the presence of previous short term studies in glaciology, of paleoclimatic reconstructions over the holocene and of long term data from oceanographic and meteorolgical observatories constitute a baseline to this project in order to understand the main climatic variations that occurred during the last 50 years and induced the current dramatic retreat of the local ice cap. After choosing the best glacier for long term survey, the current project plans to deploy and maintain a surface mass balance network, meteorological instruments on and outside the glacier. Topographic, hydrological and lichenometric measurements are also planned during this exploratory phase

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