The Hydrological Radar Experiment

Project Description
The Hydrological Radar Experiment (HYREX) was a UK Natural Environment
Research Council (NERC) Special Topic which ran from May 1993 to April
1997. The broad aim of HYREX was to gain a better understanding of
rainfall variability, as sensed by weather radar, and how this
variability impacts on river flow at the catchment scale.
Six projects were funded involving groups from the Institute of
Hydrology, the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and the universities of
London (Imperial College and University College), Newcastle, Reading
(including the Joint Centre for Mesoscale Meteorology or JCMM) and
Salford. Theprojects ranged from research on improved precipitation
measurement using polarisation and vertical pointing radars, through
network design of radar/raingauge networks and spatial-temporal
modelling of rainfall fields, to rainfall orecasting based on
stochastic and meteorological concepts. An overview of the six HYREX
projects and a list of the members of the HYREX Steering Committee are
available as separate documents.
Anne Roberts
Institute of Hydrology
Maclean Building
Crowmarsh Gifford
OX10 8BB
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