Interdisciplinary Sciences-Land Surface Climatology

Project Description
The Inter-Disciplinary Studies-Land Surface Climatology (IDS-LSC)
project, formerly the International Satellite Land-Surface Climatology
Project (ISLSCP) Retrospective Analysis Project (IRAP), is designed to
correlate historic satellite data with current satellite data and
ground truth experiments in order to detect any long-term change in
the land surface resulting from climate or human activities. The
primary area of study is the the central United States with a special
area of interest in the southwest United States and northern Mexico in
the Sonoran Desert. The project involves various scientists'
independent and cooperative studies, for example, comparing historical
data with current data to draw inferences about changes in the
vegetation adn geology on the land surface.
The following IDS-LSC data is managed by PLDS:
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Principal Investigator -
Chuck Hutchinson
University of Arizona
Arizona Remote Sensing Center
Tuscon, AZ 85721
Data Availability:
The data are currently free of charge to scientists associated with