Global Change Climate History Project

Project Description
USGS conducts research to develop high quality records of past
climates and environments and provide synoptic reconstructions
of past climate conditions from evidence preserved in the
geologic record. Our emphasis is on the late Cenozoic with
greatest effort expended on the Pliocene and Quaternary. Our
research is designed to determine the natural range of climate
variability on time scales ranging from interannual to thousands
of years; to identify and characterize conditions during
intervals of rapid change; to determine the response of natural
systems, climate- sensitive regions, and ecotones to past
change, especially abrupt change; and to develop regional to
global scale paleoenvironmental reconstructions for key
intervals and events of the past.

Current research Projects:

1. Western U.S. Paleoclimate
2. Deep Ocean Temperature and Sea Level
3. Weatern Arctic Paleoceanography
4. Last Interglacial-Timing and Extent
5. Yukon Basin
6. Pliocene Research, Interpretation, and Synoptic Mapping (PRISM)

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