Integrated Forest Study

Project Description
The Integrated Forest Study (IFS) was a project to evaluate the
effects of atmospheric deposition on nutrient cycling in forest
ecosystems. Deposition and nutrient cycling were monitored at 17
forested sites in the northwestern, northeastern, and southeastern
United States and in Canada and Norway. The IFS was primarily funded
by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

The Oak Ridge Loblolly Pine site was located on the U.S. Department of
Energy Reservation, National Environmental Research Park, near Oak
Ridge, Tennessee. The site consisted of loblolly pine with an
understory of red maple, yellow poplar, black cherry, and dogwood. The
ground cover consisted of extensive grass with patches of blackberry
and honeysuckle. The site was located on an alluvial soil derived from
shale on one of the upper terraces of the Clinch River.

Data collected included biomass and nutrient content of the overstory,
understory, floor, and soils; atmospheric deposition, throughfall,
stemflow, and soil solution fluxes for major ions; organic matter and
nutrient fluxes; and atmospheric concentrations of ions from wet and
dry deposition.