Hydrological Atmospheric Pilot Experiment, Mobilhy, France

Project Description
The Hydrological Atmospheric Pilot Experiment - Mode'lisation du Bilan Hydrique (HAPEX-MOBILHY) program is aimed at studying the hydrological budget and evaporation fluxes at the scale of a GCM (general circulation model) grid square, i.e. 104 km2. It consists of measuring, at pertinent scales in time and space, the evaporation flux in conjunction with the radiative, and meteorological and hydrological parameters which may be applied to calculate the evaporation flux. It is thus possible to test existing parameterizations of the evaporation flux as well as to develop new ones. Data from the Hydrological and Atmospheric Pilot Experiment (HAPEX) consists of aircraft flights over Les Landes Forest and agricultural regions in Southwest France. The HAPEX-MOBILHY Database was used in PILPS Phase 2b to intercompare and validate 14 land surface models [see Shao Y and Henderson-Sellers A (1996) Validation of soil moisture simulation in landsurface parameterisation schemes with HAPEX data. Global and Planetary Change 13:11-46].

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