Project Description
Aim MINERVE program (Mesures ŕ l'INterface Eau-aiR de la Variabilité des Echanges de CO2), which is pressed on valorization campaigns of transit, is to observe and to understand seasonal variabilities of the pressure partial of CO2 (pCO2) and Total Inorganic Carbon in surface water in partnership with hydrological measurements and biogeochemical in-situ and with the assistance of satellite data (temperature, color of the sea). Logistic courses of Astrolabe, make it possible to reach zones very little studied and to document them in order to include/understand the processes which explain the variations space-time of pCO2 with average scale in the southern oceanic areas. Data collected during these programs will be used as a basis to make estimates of the interannual variability and average variation (tendency) of flow Net of CO2 to the interface ocean-atmosphere; an extention of this program was required (realization of some hydrographic stations average depths during one of rotations), which will make it possible to apprehend calculation by various methods of the CO2 signal anthropic which penetrates in the ocean in this southern sector. By identifying and quantifying CO2 sources and sinks, observations collected at the time of campaigns MINERVE are also used to other teams to force atmospheric models and to validate biogeochemical models based on models of oceanic circulation general which try to simulate the cycle of oceanic carbon in the medium and long term.

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