Joint WMO/IOC Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology

Project Description
Background of Joint WMO/ICO Comission for Oceanography and
Marine Meteorology (JCOMM):

As a step in the process of responding to new needs for marine
meteorological and oceanographic data, as expressed in particular by
the global observing systems (GOOS, GCOS, GTOS) as well as continuing
to serve the traditional users of such data and services, IOC and WMO
agreed to study the possibility of improved cooperation in the area of
marine data collection, analysis, integration, and
dissemination. These organizations have been cooperating for many
years and had jointly established the Integrated Global Ocean Services
System (IGOSS). The needs for the future demand even closer and more
effective cooperation.

The Executive Council (EC) of the World Meteorological Organization
(WMO) (EC-XLVIII) in June 1996 and the Executive Council (EC) of the
Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) in October 1996
agreed that a study should be prepared on closer collaboration between
WMO and IOC with a view to possible co-sponsorship of the Commission
for Marine Meteorology (CMM) of WMO. A preliminary report was prepared
for the twelfth session of CMM in March 1997, which recommended that
the study be continued on closer cooperation between IOC and CMM and a
detailed proposal be prepared for the governing bodies of WMO and IOC.

WMO EC-XLIX in June 1997 approved this recommendation to continue with
a full and detailed study with a view to having a single, joint
WMO/IOC report available for consideration by the two ECs in 1998. The
19th session of the IOC Assembly in July 1997 endorsed the completion
of a joint study report for presentation to the 1998 EC session.

This background information contains a summary of the main discussion
and recommendations of the report prepared by joint IOC and WMO
consultants. The full report (in English only) will be available at
the session for consultation.

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