Lake Tahoe Basin Riparian Assessment

Project Description
The Lake Tahoe Basin Riparian Assessment (LTBRA) is a study
supported by the United States Forest Service Lake Tahoe Basin
Management Unit and researchers at the University of Nevada at
Reno which involves an assessment of channel conditions and
wildlife habitat in the riparian corridors of fifteen streams in
the Tahoe Basin. This study was funded in part by the California
Tahoe Conservancy. The study produced several sets of geographic
data for each of the riparian corridors.

Data Sets Include:

1. Ground Cover Classification
2. Channel Classification
3. Videography Images
4. Digital Images

Streams Included in this study:

"A" Priority Streams:
Big Meadow, Blackwood Creek, Burton Creek,
Cold Creek, Meeks Creek, Taylor Creek, Trout Creek, Upper
Truckee River, Ward Creek, Watson Creek

"B" Priority Streams:
Burke Creek, Marlette Creek, Slaughterhouse Creek, Third Creek.

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[Summary provided by California Tahoe Conservancy]