Coastal Ocean Laboratory, National Oceanographic Data Center, NOAA

Project Description
The Coastal Ocean Laboratory (COL) participates in the acquisition of
global oceanographic data, with emphasis on the coastal oceans,
estuaries, bays, adjoining seas, and the Great Lakes, processes
the data, and ingests the data into data bases. It develops product
data bases and other derived products for use by NODC's various
coastal ocean stakeholders, and it maintains databases on line for
electronic access by the coastal science and stewardship
constituency. The COL performs research and develops new methods
and techniques for using coastal physical, biological, and chemical
oceanographic data, collected at great expense to the United States
and foreign countries, to determine the role of various processes
within the world coastal oceans that contribute to the coastal marine
system. The COL prepares NODC technical publications and prepares
scientific papers/articles for scientific journals and meetings.
The COL defines requirements for new NODC coastal ocean data and
information products and coordinates the development of such products.

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