Network for Detection of Stratospheric Change

Project Description
The Network for the Detection for Stratospheric Change (NDSC) is
a set of high-quality remote-sounding research stations for
observing and understanding the physical and chemical state of
the stratosphere. Ozone and key ozone-related chemical compounds
and parameters are targeted for measurement. The NDSC is a major
component of the international upper atmosphere research effort
and has been endorsed by national and international scientific
agencies, including the International Ozone Commission, the
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and the World
Meteorological Organization (WMO).


1.To make the observations through which changes in the physical
and chemical state of the stratsphere can be determined and
understood. In particular, to make the earliest, possible
identification of changes in the ozone layer and to discern the
cause of the changes.

2.To provide an independent calibration of satellite sensors of
the atmosphere.

3.To obtain the data that can be used to test and improve
multi-dimensional stratospheric chemical and dynamical models.

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