Northeast Monitoring Program

Project Description
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
(NOAA)Northeast Monitoring Program completed its second water
columnmonitoring survey in the Middle Atlantic Bight for
1984. The cruisewas conducted during the week of June 2-9, 1984
aboard the R/V CAPEHENLOPEN of the University of
Delaware. Seventy six stations wereoccupied; the station
locations are shown in Figure 1. Stagingoccurred at the
University of Delaware, College of Marine Studies,Lewes,
Delaware. The cruise was conducted by the National OceanService
(NOS) Office of Oceanography and Marine Assessment,
OceanAssessments Division. Chemical analyses were performed by
personnelfrom the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL).


The objectives of the cruise were (1) to monitor the annual
cycleof pycnocline development and associated reductions of
dissolved oxygenlevels in bottom waters of the New York Bight;
(2) to take ancillaryphysical and chemical data to aid in
understanding processes which maycontribute to pollution
resulting from nutrient loading; (3) to collectsurface samples
for phytoplankton identification and distributionstudies; (4) to
collect sediment samples from selected stations forC:H:N ratios,
chlorophyll a, diatom resting spores, and N14/N15 ratios;(5) to
correlate satellite-imagery with sea surface temperature; (6)
tocollect and transmit shipboard XBT and weather data in
real-time viaGOES satellite; and (7) to obtain surface mapping
of chlorophyll overthe Middle-Atlantic Bight for correlation
with satellite imagery.

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