North Atlantic Norwegian Sea Exchange

Project Description
NANSEN (North Atlantic and Norwegian Sea Exchange) was set up
under ICES Council Resolution C.Res 1985/4:9. Its specific
objectives were to:

1. study the hydrography and circulation of the Iceland Basin
2. study the temporal and and spatial variability of the inflows
and outflows across the Greenland-Scotland Ridge.

Research Vessel observations in support of NANSEN were collected
from 1986 to 1989. All relevant data were managed by the ICES
Oceanographic Data Centre (stations) and the British
Oceanographic Data Centre (moored instrumentation). The
scientific results have been presented at ASC theme sessions and
published in ICES Cooperative Research Report No. 225: North
Atlantic - Norwegian Sea Exchanges: The ICES NANSEN Project,
1998. DKK 320.00.

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