National Wetlands Inventory

Project Description
The National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) of the U.S. Fish &
Wildlife Service produces information on the characteristics,
extent, and status of the Nation?s wetlands and deepwater
habitats. The National Wetlands Inventory Center information is
used by Federal, State, and local agencies, academic
institutions, U.S. Congress, and the private sector. The NWIC
has mapped 90 percent of the lower 48 states, and 34 percent of
Alaska. About 44 percent of the lower 48 states, and 13 percent
of Alaska are digitized. Congressional mandates require the NWIC
to produce status and trends reports to Congress at ten-year
intervals. In addition to status and trends reports, the NWIC
has produced over 130 publications, including manuals, plant and
hydric soils lists, field guides, posters, wall size resource
maps, atlases, state reports, and numerous articles published in
professional journals.

The National Wetlands Inventory Center (NWIC) is located in
Saint Petersburg, Florida. We are a state-of-the-art computer
operation which is responsible for constructing the wetlands
layer of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure. NWI maps and
digitial data are distributed widely throughout the country and
the world. We have distributed over 1.9 million maps and over 1
million digital wetland map files since they were first

Products and Services:

The National Wetlands Inventory has many products, you may
access these products by clicking on the "specific product" or
go to our downloads page. Below is a list of the directories
that contain products that may be of value to our users:

1. Dlgdata: NWI 7.5' quad maps are available here. You can
download wetland maps that have been digitized and converted to
dlg (digital line graph) format. Dlg is a vector format
developed by the USGS and the files are NOT images (gifs,
jpegs). If you want to use the dlg files you must have GIS
software (ArcInfo, Mapinfo, etc) that has the ability to import
dlg format. The data is organized by USGS 250k map name so it is
advised to have a USGS index book for the state in which your
desired quads are located in order to find which 1:250k to

2. Arcdata: NWI maps that have been digitized and converted to
Arc Export format. The data are organized by USGS 250k map name
and so it is advisable to have a USGS index book for the state
in which your desired quads are located in order to find which
250k directory to access.

3. Maps: Status and ordering information about NWI products. An
explanation of NWI map codes and new additions to on-line
dlgdata work areas in progress for digital wetlands data.

4. Samples: 14 sample quads in dlg, dxf, moss, grass, and arc
formats along with acreage summaries for each quad.

5. Software: Amls and smls for converting NWI dlg files to
ArcInfo, unzipping software, parsing software and a public
domain version of tar for MS-DOS.

Office Directory:

Washington Office

Benjamin N. Tuggle
Chief, Division of Federal Program Activities
U.S.Fish & Wildlife Service
Division of Habitat Conservation
4401 North Fairfax Drive - Room 400
Arlington, Virginia 22203-1610

NWI Center - Saint Petersburg, Florida

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
National Wetlands Inventory Center
9720 Executive Center Drive North
Monroe Building, Suite 101
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33702
Phone: 727-570-5400, Fax: 727-570-5420

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