NASA Scientific Data Purchase

Project Description
The NASA Scientific Data Purchase (SDP) is a demonstration
program developed in response to the President's Space Policy,
directing NASA to purchase remote sensing data from the private
sector. Initiated in fiscal year 1997, the SDP was funded under
the Earth Science Enterprise (ESE) Program to provide scientific
data to the ESE science community. The โ million
program is an opportunity to advance global-systems research, to
strengthen the U.S. economy through development of remote
sensing technologies, and to test a new way of doing business.

The SDP is being managed by the NASA Earth Science Applications
Directorate (ESAD) at the John C. Stennis Space Center in
Mississippi. ESAD's mission is to enhance U.S. economic
competitiveness through development of remote sensing
technologies. The spaceborne, airborne, and in-situ commercial
remote sensing data being made available through the SDP program
were identified as data sets that are needed and have high value
to science. NASA, together with its commercial partners, is
working to expand the resources available to the ESE science
community in its quest for knowledge about the Earth and its
changing environment.

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