North Sea Wave Model

Project Description
The NORSWAM Project was undertaken in order to supplement the limited
amount of measured wave data that was available in the northern North
Sea on which to base design and certification criteria for offshore
structures. The project was based on the development of a numerical
model to generate wave fields from existing meteorological data. The
model was ... developed jointly by the Max-Planck Institute fuer
Meteorologie (Hamburg), the Institute of Oceanographic Sciences Deacon
Laboratory (IOSDL) and the Department of Environment Hydraulics
Research Station. The model was primarily run in hindcast mode so as
to generate wave fields from the surface wind and pressure fields of
past storm events. By selecting a representative sample of the worst
storms over a number of years, the wave data generated by the model
can be used to provide an estimate of the distribution of extreme
waves over the same period. For this purpose a special data set of
surface winds and pressure fields - the NORSWAM Input Data Set - was
compiled by IOSDL and the UK Meteorological Office.

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