Ocean Tracking Network

Project Description
The Ocean Tracking Network (OTN), headquartered at Dalhousie University unites leading ocean scientists around the globe. The OTN is conducting the world's most comprehensive and revolutionary examination of marine life and ocean conditions, and how they are changing as the earth warms.

OTN is a new global standard for ocean research. The world's climate is changing — of this we are sure. Marine life survival is becoming uncertain due to overfishing and changing migration patterns. Animals such as polar bears are becoming visibly anxious as their habitats begin to melt. Oceans are becoming warmer; the polar ice cap is melting. The alarming thing is that we don't really know why. Information from beneath the sea's surface is very limited, despite the fact that continued human survival is directly linked to stable oceanic life.

OTN is a mega-science conservation project, that will put an end to this knowledge void. With it, thousands of marine animals around the world — from fish to birds to polar bears — will be tracked using acoustic sound waves. At the same time, we will be building a record of climate change — data that can be analyzed and then applied.

OTN will lead to a global standard for ocean management in a way never before possible.

See http://www.oceantrackingnetwork.org