PRIRODA International Scientific Remote Sensing Project

Project Description
The PRIRODA (Russian for "Nature") module of the MIR space station,
was launched April 23, 1996 aboard a Proton-K rocket from the Baikonur
Cosomodrome, Kazakhstan. The PRIRODA module docked with the MIR space
station on April 26, 1996 to begin an extende d period of remote
sensing observations of the Earth.
The goals of the PRIRODA mission include the development of optimal
multisensoral remote sensing methodology; investigation of optimal
composition of remote sensing instrumentation; improvement of
radiative transfer models for ocean-atmosphere system, sno w and ice
cover, and soil and vegetation cover; methodical evaluation,
interpretation, and collection of data.
There are four main groups of investigation:
- land surface exploration
- ocean investigations
- atmospheric investigations
- ecological investigations
The PRIRODA mission is an international collaboration with
contributions from 12 nations. The PRIRODA mission is conducted by
the Russian Space Agency RKA, the Institute for Radioelectronics of
the Russian Acadamy of Sciences and RKK ENERGIA.
For more details on the PRIRODA mission see: