Reef Environmental Education Foundation

Project Description
The Reef Environmental Education Foundation is a grass-roots,
non-profit organization of recreational divers, founded
in 1991, who regularly conduct fish biodiversity and abundance
surveys during their dives.

The goals of this foundation are:

To educate and enlist a growing corps of volunteer divers and
snorkelers to conduct marine life surveys.

To provide the marine science, resource management and
conservation communities with a reliable, geographically
broad and continuing source of marine biodiversity data for
practical application in habitat conservation and resource

To encourage the implementation of, and support for, effective
marine conservation strategies including marine protected areas

To educate divers, snorkelers and the general public about
threats confronting the marine environment and to encourage
them to become active stewards in ocean conservation.

To promote the diving community as an active partner in the
long-term conservation of coral reefs and other marine habitats.

To work cooperatively with other like-minded individuals and
organizations to effectively and efficiently achieve these

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