Reflection Seismic Survey

Project Description
The Reflection Seismic Survey (RSS) project will record a deep seismic
reflection traverse across the Mt Isa Inlier with the purpose of
imaging crustal geometry. In particular, the traverse is designed to
define the position and nature of the boundaries between the Mt Isa
Block and basement provinces to the east and west. It will also define
the internal structure of the elements that make up the Mt Isa Block
and nature of the boundaries between. Particular attention will be
given to defining the nature of major shear zones at depth in an
attempt to map possible fluid pathways through the crust.

The seismic results will be used to develop a 3D structural model of
the Mt Isa and adjacent regions. This 3D compilation will be used to
constrain models of the tectonic evolution of the region.

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