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Project Description
Program REVIZEE, approved in 1994 in the scope of the CIRM, has as objective central office to proceed to the survey from the sustainable potentials from capture from the resources livings creature in the ZEE, being aimed at to reach the following goals:

to inventory the resources livings creature in the ZEE and the ambient characteristics of its occurrence;

to determine its biomasses; e

to establish the potentials of sustainable capture.

For in such a way, the following stages and unfoldings had been foreseen:

Determination of the distributions, sazonalidade, abundâncias and sustainable potentials of the resources livings creature in the ZEE, using techniques of fishing prospection and evaluation of supplies;

Attainment of a climatológico referencial picture and an oceanographical vision of including character, for the areas physical, chemical, geologic and biological, that subsidize the understanding of the dynamics of the resources livings creature in the ZEE;

Analysis of the sustainable potentials and its perspectives of explotação, from the integration of the information of abundance and ambient characteristics; e

Definition of new lines of research, aiming at to cover eventual gaps detected in the analysis of the data, as well as guaranteeing the necessary monitoramento of supplies potentially significant fishing boats.

The final text of the Program was approved by the Resolution nº 003/94/PSRM, of 22/07/1994, and in 122ª Usual Session of the CIRM (02/08/1994).

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