Santa Barbara Channel/Santa Marine Basin Study

Project Description
This study is an extension of the numerical modeling circulation
component of the Santa Barbara Channel-Santa Maria Basin
(SBC-SMB) Circulation Study. The SBC-SMB Circulation Study is
the title of the Cooperative Agreement (CA) between the state of
California and the MMS. Absence of sufficient observations, as
has been the case in past modeling programs, prevents proper
model skill assessment. One of the Scientific Review Panel?s
April 1997 recommendations states that successful SBC-SMB model
development, successful analysis of observations, and successful
field work is contingent on all three being performed
concurrently during the conduct of the SBC-SMB Circulation
study. This will allow modelers valuable interaction with the
Study?s principal investigators (PI) (observationalists) during
the conduct of their respective study components. Recent
numerically modeled simulations of circulation processes
characteristic to the SBC have been, and continue to be, used in
the analysis of observations obtained in that area. Modeled
simulations of the characteristic flows of the SBC and SMB
appropriate for OSRA, and modeled circulation processes helpful
to analysis of the data obtained in the SMB, are not scheduled
for completion under the present contract.


1. Support analysis of observations obtained from the extended
field work with numerically modeled process studies presently
taking place in the Santa Maria Basin.

2. Provide reliable predicted ocean current information for the
Santa Barbara Channel and the SMB by complementing the entire
suite of observations obtained in the SBC-SMB Circulation Study.

Contact Person:

David Browne

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