Small Pelagic Fish and Climate Change, GLOBEC

Project Description
The objective of International GLOBEC's Small Pelagic fish And
Climate Change program, (GLOBEC SPACC) is to identify linkages
between the driving physical forces that control population
growth of small pelagic fish populations. The long range goal
is to forecast how changes in the pattern and intensity of
these forces, caused by elevated greenhouse gases and global
warming, will alter the productivity of small pelagic fish
populations. Toward that end, fifty-four scientists met in La
Paz, Mexico in June 1994 to begin developing a science plan for
GLOBEC SPACC. Attendees represented interests in the fields of
physical and biological oceanography, numerical modeling,
zooplankton ecology, remote sensing technology, paleoecology,
genetics, early life history of fishes, and population
dynamics. The scientists recognized that the GLOBEC SPACC goal
requires highly multi-disciplinary, cooperative research and
approached this challenge with enthusiasm. They also recognized
the need t! o work together on shared stocks. They expressed
their interest in developing regional (e.g. Humboldt Current,
California Current, Patagonian Shelf, Baltic Sea, Mediterranean
) as well as national SPACC projects.

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[Summary taken from "Synopsis of the First SPACC Planning Meeting"]