STORM-Weather Assimilation and Verification Experiment

Project Description
The U.S. Weather Research Program (USWRP), formerly the
Storm-scale Operational and Research Meteorology (STORM)
Program, Weather Assimilation and Verification Experiment
(STORM-WAVE) is a data collection effort focused on constructing
a unique research-quality data set from operational data
streams. STORM-WAVE is a collaborative effort in conjunction
with the VORTEX-95 and GCIP/ESOP-95 projects.

The objectives of STORM-WAVE are to: 1) Collect and provide a
research quality data set to support storm-season mesoscale
research in the central United States; 2) Collect
high-resolution (spatial and temporal) continuous observations
for model verification and sensitivity studies; 3) Provide a
research-quality database for use in the evaluation of the
NOAA/NWS Modernization Program; and 4) Collect selected
hydrological data during a critical part of the water year
(spring/early summer).


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