USDA UV-B Radiation Monitoring Program

Project Description
The USDA UV-B Monitoring and Research Program is a program of
the US Department of Agriculture's Cooperative State Research,
Education and Extension Service (CSREES). The program was
initiated in 1992, through a grant to Colorado State University,
to provide information on the geographical distribution and
temporal trends of UVB (ultraviolet -B) radiation in the United
States. This information is critical to the assessment of the
potential impacts of increasing ultraviolet radiation levels on
agricultural crops and forests.

This program provides:

1. information to the agricultural community and others about
the climatological and geographical distribution of UVB

2. basic information necessary to support evaluations of the
potential damage effects of UVB to agricultural crops and

3. ground truth for satellite measurements and basic information
for radiation transfer model calculations;

4. long-term records of UVB irradiance necessary to assess trends;

Contact Information:

Dr. James R. Slusser, Program Director
Phone: (970) 491-3623

Mailing Address:

USDA UVB Radiation Monitoring Program
Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523


[Summary provided by Colorado State University]