U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Water Management Section

Project Description
The mission of the Water Management Section is to conduct water
management activities for all Corps reservoir projects within
the Mobile District and for the formulation of plans and
supervision of flood control operations at privately-owned power
dams in the Mobile District.

Responsibilities include:

1. preparation and issuance of reservoir regulation instructions
to operating officials at Corps reservoir projects for all water
control operations and the monitoring of operations of power
company projects for compliance with flood control regulations;

2. technical direction and assistance for the regulation of
multi-purpose reservoirs and studies for development of
operation procedures for multi- purpose reservoir systems;

3. preparation and revisions, as necessary, of reservoir
regulation manuals for all storage projects, including those of
the power companies having a flood control requirement;

4. liasion with National Weather Service and dissemination of
current and forecasted rainfall, river stage and general weather
information to district elements;

5. submittal of flood reports to higher authority;

6. planning and operation of rainfall and river stage reporting
networks in connection with the operation of reservoir projects;

7. providing climatological analyses and discussion for
inclusion in plans and specifications, design memos and other

8. maintaining records in various formats of reservoir
operations and providing information about reservoir operations
to District elements and to the public.

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