Time Averaged Field Initiative

Project Description
The Time Averaged Field Initiative (TAFI) is a collaborative multi-institutional project to improve the quality and spatial and temporal distribution of the 0-5 Ma paleomagnetic record from lava flows. The paleomagnetic laboratory at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography has primary responsibility for obtaining data from five locations around the globe: Spitzbergen, Idaho, Arizona, Costa Rica and Antarctica. We have now completed field work at all locations and directional analyses at the latter four. Paleointensity experiments are inherently more time consuming than directional analyses and yield data that are more difficult to interpret. Paleointensities are affected by many well known factors including differential cooling rates between the laboratory and the ancient TRMs, alteration, violation of the single domain assumptions, and so on. The key in data interpretation is to be able to tell good data from bad and has been much discussed throughout the history of paleomagnetism. We will present our paleointensity data for the last 5 million years and address issues of reliability criteria.