Winter Weddell Sea Experiment of 1986

Project Description
The Winter Weddell Sea Project represents an ambitious mul- tidisciplinary program of research in the Weddell Sea spanning a period of both sea-ice growth and retreat. Two cruises of approximately 80 days each were carried out on RIv Polarstern (ANT V12, 27 June to 17 September; ANT V13, 28 September to 14 December. Leg V/2 was designed to investigate the interactions among atmosphere, sea ice, and ocean by making detailed measurements along the track shown in figure 1. Leg V/3 con- centrated on the biology within the coastal regime, with smaller programs engaged in physical and chemical oceanography, sea- ice physics, and meteorology. Current-meter moorings deployed around Maud Rise during an earlier German program were recovered during leg V/3.