Project Description
Project: VIVALDI '91

Principal Scientists:

R.T. Pollard
H. Leach
G. Griffiths

Dates of study: April 16-May 18, 1991

Vivaldi was conceived as a series of seasonal surveys of the NE
Atlantic. The Vivaldi ?91 trail combined the high spatial
resolution of SeaSoar surveys with deep CTD stations spaced
every 3 degrees of latitude on the tracks 300 km apart.

The objectives of Vivaldi are to:

1. Calculate seasonal upper ocean heat and fresh water budgets
2. Map isopycnic potential vorticity variations from the
sub-tropical gyre to the subpolar gyre.
3. Map interannual
changes in the properties of water masses formed by deep
4. Calculate statistics of upper ocean parameters and
air sea fluxes Investigate the roles of eddies.

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