Weddell Polynya Expedition

Project Description
In the late austral winter of 1981, carbonate data were obtained
from the Weddell Sea as part of the U.S.U.S.S.R. Weddell Polynya
Expedition (WEPOLEX-81). Both surface samples and
vertical-station samples were taken. The data include ship
position (latitude and longitude), date, station number, sample
depth, salinity, water temperature, pH, normalized surface total
alkalinity, and calcium. These data represent the first
comprehensive carbonate data obtained in the Weddell Sea during
late winter. Because of the importance of the Weddell Sea as a
source of deep water for the world's oceans, these data have
improved the understanding of the oceanic circulation of excess
CO2 in the carbon cycle.

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[Summary taken from online document "Carbonate Chemistry of the
Weddell Sea" by Chen-Tung A. Chen]