Workshop Support for West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) Research

Project Description
Describes the annual West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) project workshops.

The WAIS project has successfully focused a broad cross-section of the
Antarctic research community on two urgent global issues: future sea level and
rapid climate change. WAIS is multidisciplinary and the support will help to
foster continued cross-disciplinary interaction. WAIS workshops began in 1990;
first to formulate the objectives of WAIS and, beginning in 1992, to exchange
and present scientific findings in a forum where cross-disciplinary scientific
discourse was promoted and progress toward WAIS goals could be annually
assessed. These workshops have been the backbone of this cooperative scientific
effort. The WAIS community has voiced its support for continuing these
workshops on an annual basis. Funds are provided to support future WAIS
workshops in three ways: first, to assist in the notification, organization and
execution of annual workshops for the next three years; second, to further
enhance these workshops by offering travel stipends to attract new participants
deemed by the WAIS Working Group to be key persons in further enhancing the
WAIS program; and third, to maintain a web site for workshop organization and
to serve as a clearinghouse for information relevant to the WAIS research

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