Volcanology of Deception Island. Project No. 14

Project Description
The Deception Volcanology Observatory was created in 1993 for the Instituto Antartico Argentino (Argentine Antarctic Institute) and for the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas de Espa (Spanish High Council of Scientific Investigations). Its creation was in response to the reactivation of volcanoes on Deception Island in 1991-1992, and the purpose of the project was to monitor the volcanic activity present in the island. The project consisted of work to establish volcanic vigilance across the seismic registration present in the island, control of geothermal anomalies by soil and water, and analysis of composition variation in fumarole gasses and water sites on the island.

The purpose in this project will be the global evaluation of the information obtained and finally building a model that permits accurate predictions about the changes in the activity of this volcanic system (i.e. its pre-eruption, or eruption). This model could ultimately be used in the prediction of active volcanoes which have similar characteristics to Deception. The project will also complete the geologic study of the island, mainly with respect to its geologic structures and primary and secondary pyroclastic deposits. The intent is to create new models of pyroclastic deposition by observing the processes in action. With the knowledge of stratigraphy and structural geology, the project will provide new data for the geological evolution of the island.