Historical Anthropogenic Sulfur Dioxide Emissions

Project Description
Sulfur dioxide emissions (SO2) impact human health, ecosystems, agriculture, and global and regional climate. Anthropogenic emissions have resulted in greatly increased sulfur deposition and atmospheric sulfate loadings near most industrialized areas. Sulfur dioxide forms sulfate aerosols that have a significant effect on global and regional climate. Historical reconstructions of sulfur dioxide emissions are necessary to access the past influence of sulfur dioxide on the earth system and as base-year information for future projections. This data set provides annual estimates of anthropogenic global and regional sulfur dioxide emissions spanning the period 1850–2005 using a bottom-up mass balance method, calibrated to country-level inventory data. Emissions by source category (coal, petroleum, biomass combustion, smelting, fuel processing, and other processes) are available for 142 countries and regions. For the purpose of viewing the data pattern and changes, the maps of total emissions in 1970–2005 are also provided for online view and download in the archive.

[Summary provided by SEDAC.]