Radiatively Important Trace Species 1989

Project Description
The purpose of the NOAA/CMDL RITS 1989 cruise was to measure the
interhemispheric gradient of radiatively important trace species
(RITS) in the atmosphere, to quantify the ocean's effect on these
trace gases in the surface waters, to measure the biological rate of
production of dissolved N2O, and to compare these measurements to
those from CMDL observatories.
The NOAA Ship Discoverer (R 102) was used to take measurements in the
East Pacific Ocean in 1989.
See the article:
Oceanic Consumption of CH3CCl3: Implications for Tropospheric OH.
J.H. Butler, J.W. Elkins, T.M. Thompson, and B.D. Hall.
J. Geophys. Res. 96D, 22347-22355 (1991).
James H. Butler +1 303 497 6898 (tel) 6290 (fax) jbutler@cmdl.noaa.gov
RITS 89 Data are available on the NOAA/CMDL/NOAH anonymous FTP account
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