Ocean Drilling Program / Deep Sea Drilling Program

Project Description
Project Description:
The Ocean Drilling Program (ODP), operating since 1983, follows the Deep Sea
Drilling Project (DSDP) which operated from 1968 to 1985. The ODP is (as was
the DSDP) sponsored by the U.S. National Science Foundation and several
foreign countries as a comprehensive investigation of the global oceans. The
results of the two programs are a large mass of digital data as well as 96
published DSDP 'Initial Reports' volumes, and to date 19 ODP 'Initial
Reports' and 3 ODP 'Scientific Results' volumes. In addition, many of the
data collected by ODP are available on microfilm or microfiche. The digital
data were compiled from shipboard analyses, onshore laboratory analyses, and
in some cases, from the INitial Reports and Scientific Results volumes. The
ODP maintains 26 data bases from the DSDP and over 30 data bases from ODP
which contain descriptions and/or analyses of marine sediments and rocks
from Legs 1-96 of DSDP and Legs 101-present (currently completing Leg 128)
from ODP. The DSDP data were from the cores collected by the drilling bessel
Glomar Challenger and the ODP data are from cores gathered by the drilling
vessel JOIDES Resolution.
Data used and produced:
Data types include age profiles of the holes, carbon and carbonate
percentages of sediments, density/porosity, grain size, G.R.A.P.E.
(Gamma-Ray attenuations porosity evaluator) data, chemistry of hardrocks
including major and minor element percentages, thin section and visual hand
specimen descriptions of hard rock samples, paleomagnetism of both sediments
and hard rocks in several forms, paleontology for 21 separate fossil groups
including foraminifera, radiolara, diatoms, nannofossils, etc., penetrometer
data, site summary information, smearslide descriptions, sonic velocity,
vane shear measurements, visual core descriptions, x-ray mineralogy, and a
derived sediment description file called SCREEN with computerized
standardized sediment descriptions (for DSDP data only). Auxiliary data
include various computerized bibliographies and indexes. Digital
geophysical data including underway measurements and downhole logs are
described in other entries.
Customized data searched can be performed from one dataset or from many
datasets. Data are currently available on hard copy (paper) printouts, on
magnetic tape, through the BITNET network (the ODP Database Group BITNET
address is %DATABASE@TAMODP), or on IBM or Macintosh formatted diskettes.
Earlier DSDP data are also available on various media (including CD-ROM)
from NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center in Boulder, Colorado.
Project Contact:
Data Librarian, Database Group
Ocean Drilling Program
Texas A&M University Research Park
1000 Discovery Drive
College Station, Texas 77840 U.S.A.
(409) 845-8495, 845-2673
Easylink (Telex) Number: 62760290
The Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project (Washington, U.S.
Government Printing Office) and the Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling
Program which includes two volumes, the Initial Reports and Scientific
Results volumes (College Station, Tx., Ocean Drilling Program).