VENTS Program, Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory

Project Description
The VENTS Program, established in 1984, conducts research on the
oceanic impacts and consequences of submarine volcanoes and
hydrothermal venting. The program focuses on understanding the
chemical and thermal effects of venting along the northeast Pacific
Ocean seafloor spreading centers, which provides the foundation for
prediction of the global-scale impact of seafloor hydrothermal systems
on the ocean.

VENTS research in recent years has concentrated on,
determining patterns and pathways for the regional transport of
hydrothermal emissions, as well as source strengths of the emissions,
and their relationships to the geology and tectonics of spreading
centers, and further developing capabilities for monitoring
hydrothermal activity at a wide range of temporal and spatial scales.
Research results continue to augment the case for hydrothermal venting
at seafloor spreading centers having global significance in terms of
the chemical and thermal state of the ocean. Researchers continue to
document quantitatively these effects as they occur in the ocean over
a very wide range of temporal and spatial scales.
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